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Mount Aviation is a leading global provider of aviation ground services delivering an integrated range of handlingsolutions in Sudan & within our area.
Mount Aviation  team members are  dedicated employees , they work around the clock to look after the needs of our customers, handling aircraft ( Passengers & cargo & VIPs ) around the clock.
Our broad client base, ranging from national carriers, adhoc flights companies , major alliances and low cost operators , freight forwarders, airport authorities, tour operators and business men executive flights , all this enabled us to develop a comprehensive expertise in tailoring our products and services to meet the needs and nature of our client.
In addition to the care extended to our clients, our handling service system also provides complete assistance of serving over flight and landing clearances, flight plans, catering, aircraft fueling, care for passengers and flight crews, arrangements of Visa issuance, hotel reservation and ground transportation are all handled with the unconditional professionalism of Mount Aviation Services Team Members.
With the experience of 03 years we have more ability than any other providers in the aviation business regional wise to serve our clients. The expectations of our customers are always being met by the services we delivered to them & our team members are always appreciated for their high standards, quality, safety and ultimate professionalism. 

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With an Inheritance of three years, we have continually made innovative changes to
 the growing needs of our customers and maintain our competitive advantage.

Forward thinking and pioneering spirit have been the catalysts for our success. 

Today's travel environment calls for innovative management, responsible decision
and flexibility in responding to constant change in the travel marke tplace.

VIP Travel has always achallenge in the travel industry. That is why we always do
our level 
best to deliver the best quality of travel services to our customers while
maintaining the highest
 level of integrity, and consistently exceeding the
expectations of our clients. 

We can easily plan, 
manage and execute your VIP Flight the way you need it.

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If you are considering International Operations you should be aware that a number of countries 
require many approvals to Over flight their air spaceor Landing in their territories prior to entering
their airspace.

This requirement has been implemented by many governments for many reasons of sovereignty 
to track aircraft traversing their country, and also 
to charge navigational and landing fees to
support their aviation infrastructure. So leave the hard part of that to be carried out by Mount
Aviation Staff members , to let you concentrate on your other operational activities.

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Hotel arrangements don't have to be limited to the closest and cheapest Hotel, It
depends on your requirements,
  • Do you want to stay close to the airport  ??
  • Do you want to stay in town..?? 
  • What do you want in your hotel..??
  • Is there an excellent restaurant in the hotel or nearby..??
So let's take the hard task of your Accommodation. We do support an in-house travel
agency with a world wide network of business and hotel connections. If you tell us your
requirements, or your wish list, we will do our best to try and meet your needs… and  
because of our travel industry and volume discounts we will meet your hotel needs at
the best price possible.
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Our Catering comprises a carefully selected combination of culinary delicious items to satisfy even 
the most demanding clients.

We know that appearance and quality are essential requirements to guarantee the success of our
services and satisfaction of each client. We offer the high quality of  catering you need to make
your journey enjoyable and a success by taking care of every detail.


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