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Is a specialized international  aviation company. Incorporated in Sudan since  March 2008,We perceive the aviation industry as a sector where expertise, professionalism and efficiency and all this should be paramount to make air transport operation pleasurable to us and our customers.
with our solid experience of servicing individual and specialized clients in a challenging environment like Sudan the services we offer is found unparalleled in terms of the quality of work done as well as the variety of work offered. This is where we prevail ,  Consequently, our mission is to be a leader in providing world class standard of services worldwide and especially within our area.

We offer  a wide range of services that makes other options look unattractive. The rationale behind this variety of services is to give our clients the best service value which satisfy their needs.

The aviation industry in Sudan is one where competition and regulation are both major issues. An aviation operators can do good business here provided their fundamentals are in order and their operations are based on sound of ground knowledge and correct business practices. This is a hard business environment but very rewarding too. This is where we camein.

The main features offered by our company to its clients are experience, expertise, networking and contacts in the aviation sector in Sudan. With this backing, clients can concentrate on their own operations instead of worrying about other issues. It may be pointed out that there have been many agents involved into the aviation field where they  haven’t been able to make their mark because while they have the right product to offer, they have been engaged in smaller issues that need to be sorted out on a continuing basis , This is where Mount Aviation makes its presence felt.

We offer assistance in one of the most important areas of aviation regulatory and administrative matters including international bilateral issues and permits and all issues relating to local Civil Aviation Authorities.

We are able to get you in touch with the relevant local authorities throughout representative network. This means that even at the planning stages as well as during flight operations, we are able to assist and forward your projects and proposals in different environments.

Whenever your flights are routed through Sudan, we ensure that local organizations are benefited in terms of revenue of over flight or landing fees, ground handling charges, fuel uplift and hotel accommodations. We go out of the way to keep our clientshappy and make their experience in Sudan memorable. 



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